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Growing Your Small Business: What You Should Be Marketing and How

There are a few tried and true strategies that every small business should be implementing in order to grow their enterprise. With the prevalence of online communication, the majority of these strategies are focused on online marketing that allows customers to connect easily to the companies they are interested in. Below are a few common methods to use when you want to broaden your business’s reach and connect with potential clients all over the world.

  • Invest in a website


It’s practically impossible in this day and age to be considered a legitimate business without a fully functioning website. Even if your product is sold specifically in stores a website still allows your customer base and potential clients to reach out, ask about your services, and really get a feel for your ethics and what you are hoping to achieve in the long run. Some small companies opt to skip creating and marketing their website, but that can prove to be a mistake when interested customers have nowhere to turn for additional information on what it is this company is selling, how they treat their customers, and what to expect from them going forward. Find an appropriate host for your domain and build a platform that allows you to connect within your market and showcase your work to its full potential so that you don’t miss out on any business opportunities going forward.


  • Start A Newsletter


Newsletters usually go hand in hand with a website, however, are much more specific with the information they provide to customers who have signed up to receive them. They are a great way to stay more intimately connected with interested clients and allow you to explore different methods of marketing when it comes to products. You can choose to share new designs via your newsletter or remind returning customers of a sale that will be happening in the weeks to come. This is just another method that your business can become more attainable to the everyday buyer.


  • Use a Virtual Data Room for M&A


When it comes to growth, a merger is a common direction that many smaller companies go. So, in order to fully market your business and its capabilities so that a buyer will want to take it on it’s important to use a secure virtual data room to store all pertinent information regarding it. This is where you will perform your due diligence, store all financial and litigation information during the M&A, and allow a potential buyer to review everything that will want them to invest in your business. Again, this is just another form of marketing that can prove to be very fruitful for the growth of your business down the line.


  • Social Media Platforms


The easiest way to connect with the online community and build a following is by taking advantage of the reach social media provides. Facebook and Instagram are great for showcasing your product and allowing your clients to experience your business on a more personal level rather than just through the more structured website used for e-commerce or as a catalogue. Through these use can also promote any events that may be happening or any deals you plan on offering for a limited time. Twitter also allows clients to reach out to your company directly and express their interest in your services in a way that can attract the attention of their followers and help your social reach grow that much more. Don’t skip our on creating social media profiles of any sort to grow your online engagement because it will only help showcase your work and allow anyone around the world connect with it on a more personal level.


  • Stay true to your brand and aesthetic


Nothing is more disingenuous than a company that doesn’t know what they are doing and why. In order for clients to be interested in your business then you need to know what your brand is and what aesthetic you are trying to push that will easily articulate your difference in the oversaturated online market. You want viewers to look at your website or one of your products and instantly relate it to your company’s name so that you don’t have to be constantly marketing it as one of your own. Let your work speak for itself and know what you want it to say to your ideal customer base. You don’t want to attract a certain kind of customer in your early stages only to alienate them when you decide to completely change the aesthetic of your company later on down the line.


  • Use influencers


An easy way to market your work to a new client base is by hiring influencers to promote your product to their online following. They can either be gifted or compensated for talking about your work on their social media platforms or blog and you can get the word out for your product through an individual with a large following and online engagement of their own. Influencers have become a new kind of celebrity and are perfect for reaching customers on a more personal level because of how intimately they connect with them via social media. Their services will allow you to showcase your work to a different audience while also staying true to your brand and aesthetic in the process of growing your business.

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